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B&B: We're overdue for our first super-hero(ine)

SHE's a six-time MVP of the WNBL, a five-time league champion, seven-time All Star, four-time leading scorer and played at three Olympic Games for Australia's Opals, returning home a medallist from Athens, Beijing and London. But despite Brad Rosen willing it, Suzy Batkovic was not born in Sydney.

"The  Batgirl" - one of the few super-heroines we have in the sport in Australia - is the G.O.A.T. of the WNBL as its six-time Most Valuable Player, winning her first while playing in Adelaide for Lightning.

She also had WNBL sojourns at the AIS, Sydney Flames, Townsville Fire and Canberra Capitals, not to mention stints in France, Italy, Spain and Russia.

Suzy also played in the WNBA at Seattle Storm, alongside Australian basketball's G.O.A.T., Lauren Jackson, who she first encountered in their NSW country junior days.

Suzy is from Newcastle and Lauren from Albury. But they were extremely important in helping the other evolve, going head-to-head on a daily basis at the Institute.

So how did this stellar basketball career begin and just who is "some Phil dude"?

Suzy was part of the greatest AIS team, the only one which won a WNBL championship and had the world at her feet.

She takes us through some surprising junior moments and into the WNBL at Sydney and living in the "big smoke".

Her late father's process for making outstanding mashed potatoes also is worth a listen.

Suzy is another who gives a resounding endorsement for the coaching future of multiple-Olympian and former Opals teammate Kristi Harrower.

She also brings us uptospeed about her thoughts on Michele Timms, Chris Lucas, Karen Dalton, Carrie Graf and many, many more. The mother of twins and a Townsville Councillor, she is one of our fun guests and her interview comes on the heels of Basketball NSW inducting her into its Hall of Fame.

For all of this and more, hit this link or go to your usual podcast destinations at Apple and Spotify.

Brad and I also talk NBL and WNBL, we even throw in our tips for Coach of the Year.

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