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Brad&Boti: Mercury rising for NBL champ Fleur

In: NBL, WNBL — Wednesday, 21 Feb, 2024

WE succeeded! If at first you don't succeed, try, try again ... so goes the old saying, so Brad Rosen and I persisted and yes, we landed a big scoop with Sydney Kings assistant NBL coach and soon-to-be Phoenix Mercury WNBA assistant GM, Fleur McIntyre for this week's Brad&Boti podcast.

Feb 21

WNBL Rankings, Tips Rd15: It's 'all or nothing' time

In: WNBL — Wednesday, 21 Feb, 2024

OMGRarely if ever has a WNBL regular season come down to so many permutations, from which club will finish top, to which of four teams battling for two spots will make it into the post-season, to which player from MVP finalists Sami Whitcomb, Jordin Canada, Lauren Nicholson, Isobel Borlase or Jade Melbourne will claim the coveted award? 

WNBL TotW14: Spirited revival continues unabated

In: WNBL — Tuesday, 20 Feb, 2024

OUR WNBL Team of the Week for Round 14, which some might argue also could easily have been our TotW for Round 13, was the stand-out across a torrid and very meaningful series of matches, where, ultimately, some international preseason Spirit truly paid off as the fight for the Four intensified.

Feb 20

NBL TotW20: Coaches to the fore closing reg season

In: NBL — Tuesday, 20 Feb, 2024

THAT was one hell of a close to the NBL regular season, only Cairns, Tasmania, Sydney and Adelaide escaping Round 20 with a clean slate, while Melbourne, Illawarra and New Zealand contrasted great home wins with very interesting road defeats. Our Team of the Week was a tough call, last week's winner Perth this round going 0-2! 

It's Bryce time: NBL Rd 20 Wrap

In: NBL — Monday, 19 Feb, 2024

YES, you've found it. The NBL Wrap of the Round with every game reviewed is all right here in one place for your viewing pleasure, or otherwise. The playoffs are set, 2023 Grand Finallists Sydney and New Zealand in the KO "play-in" and Tasmania hosting Illawarra. And Bryce Cotton should tonight be named MVP. 

Feb 19

United finds it, Breakers lose it: NBL

In: NBL — Sunday, 18 Feb, 2024

A FRUSTRATED Chris Goulding sparked NBL leader Melbourne to life over Illawarra before Adelaide consigned NZ to a KO road "play-in" against Sydney - can we not just call it a "top six" and not blindly and blithely copy the NBA all the time? - in what remarkably will rematch last season's Grand Final - oops - "Championship" Series.  

Feb 18

BOB'S BONUS: Curry-Ionescu make their points

In: NBA — Sunday, 18 Feb, 2024

BOB'S BONUS: Computer and Internet issues notwithstanding, our man on the spot in the USA, BOB CRAVEN, is back with a double-dose of weekend reading, tipped off with what turned into a global phenomenon, the 3-Point battle between Steph Curry and Sabrina Ionescu.

What a finish coming up! WNBL

In: WNBL — Sunday, 18 Feb, 2024

FIRST place is not settled, the Final Four is not settled and only Adelaide Lightning and Canberra Capitals are out of the playoff picture. But both very clearly can influence the final outcome and play spoilers after another torrid round left six teams in the post-season hunt and Kelsey Griffin pacing a surging Bendigo.

Imperious Kings rule, Jackies swarm: NBL

In: NBL — Sunday, 18 Feb, 2024

SOUTH East Melbourne was smashed and humiliated by defending NBL champion Sydney, the Kings keeping alive their threepeat dream with DJ Hogg finding his shot, while Perth minus Bryce Cotton gave Tasmania something of a game before succumbing to another JackJumper swarm.

BOB'S CORNER: Seattle set to storm back

In: NBA — Saturday, 17 Feb, 2024

BOB'S CORNER: Our erstwhile USA correspondent BOB CRAVEN has been beset with computer-related issues for the past week but still somehow managed to file this "quickie" for us because, let's face it, you can't keep a good man down.

Feb 17

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