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NBL Rankings, Tips 19: Time's up for pretenders

In: NBL — Thursday, 8 Feb, 2024

HOW massive is this penultimate round of the NBL regular season? The finals fates of Adelaide and Cairns, both on 15 losses, hang on away wins in Brisbane and Perth respectively. And this also could signal Sydney's official despatch from its historical second threepeat bid - and cut short coach Mahmoud Abdelfattah's two-year contract.

Feb 8

Brazilian close shave on cards for Opals

In: Boomers & Opals — Thursday, 8 Feb, 2024

OK, I admit it. I'm nervous about the Opals in Brazil facing the hosts, Germany and Serbia from tomorrow morning, an Olympic berth for the Paris Games at stake. Barring the unforeseen, the Australian women's team - 2022 FIBA World Cup Bronze Medallists - really only need win one game and should qualify. 

'Cyclone' Tracey sparks Trailblazer initiative

In: WNBL — Wednesday, 7 Feb, 2024

THE call is going out to any and ALL WNBL players, past, present and even future with the announcement of a new project being driven by former superstar and multiple championship winner Tracey Browning, designed to reconnect and grow the league under the banner of "WNBL Trailblazers".


Feb 7

Brad & Boti: Breaker Breaker good buddy. Squawk!

In: NBL, WNBL, Boomers & Opals — Tuesday, 6 Feb, 2024

YES we're rolling again this week, Brad Rosen and I dissecting the NBL's latest developments in our Brad&Boti podcast but without any WNBL to speak of, we revisit the Opals playing for Olympics qualification in Brazil this coming weekend before going in-depth on our men's competition.

Feb 6

Will's bill? Ridiculous - NBL18 Wrap in Full

In: NBL — Monday, 5 Feb, 2024

IF you missed any of NBL Round 18's match summaries, here they are for you all in one place! How's that for convenience? And how's this for ridiculous? The NBL's Games Review Panel today gave Tasmania's Will Magnay a one-game suspension or a $1,550 fine for "unduly rough play" against Cairns. 

Feb 5

NBL TotW18: Finals hat-trick locked away

In: NBL — Monday, 5 Feb, 2024

ILLAWARRA, Tasmania, Melbourne and New Zealand enjoyed unblemished Round 18 NBL performances to set themselves up as the four-runners (see what I did there?) for our highly-coveted, often fought over, always cherished accolade as our Team of the Week. 

Jackies jump 36ers, Breakers rolling: NBL

In: NBL — Sunday, 4 Feb, 2024

TASMANIA took a giant leap toward sealing third spot on the NBL ladder as Adelaide hit the wall in Hobart, and New Zealand's post-season picnic plans stayed alive with a Lamb-less win in Perth, the Breakers taking the edge off the post-game #53 uniform retirement party for Wildcats' legend Damian Martin.   

Feb 4

Hawks fly into four, plucky Phoenix fleeced: NBL

In: NBL — Sunday, 4 Feb, 2024

ILLAWARRA levelled its record at 12-12 and threw Brisbane (now 12-14) under the bus when Gary Clark shone and the Hawks shut down Nathan Sobey, ahead of South East Melbourne again showing great pluck, only losing to NBL leader Melbourne by 16 in a Throwdown which had great potential for a blow-out. 

BOB'S CORNER: An individual NBA scoring spree

In: NBA — Saturday, 3 Feb, 2024

BOB'S CORNER: OUR man on the spot in the USA, BOB CRAVEN, has his weekly round-up of all (important) things NBA, not to mention what's happening in college basketball with the NCAA Men and NCAA Women. No, actually, he DOES more than just mention it and even our controversial Ben Simmons gets a shout out!


Feb 3

Sixers alive as Kings stumble again: NBL

In: NBL — Saturday, 3 Feb, 2024

UNIVERSALLY picked to finish dead last - a rung they sat comfortably on under previous coach CJ Bruton - Scott Ninnis' Adelaide 36ers today head to Tasmania starting the day in seventh position and with their long-shot dream of post-season action still alive, courtesy of former Kings Isaac Humphries and Dejan Vasiljevic sinking Sydney last night. 

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