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NSW double closes big round: NBL

In: NBL — Sunday, 28 Jan, 2024

IT WAS a big day for NSW's two NBL clubs, both in the thick of the battle for top-six berths, Illawarra battling back from a double-digit deficit to hurt New Zealand's chances and Sydney burying the memory of its pathetic demise at South East by beating Victoria's higher-ranked outfit Melbourne, Makuach Maluach again to the rescue.  

Jan 28

Sixers shine, Phoenix fight it out: NBL

In: NBL — Sunday, 28 Jan, 2024

ADELAIDE last night took its 2024 record to 5-1, to 6-5 under interim coach Scott Ninnis and to an NBL outside finals chance 10-14 overall when it finally skinned the Taipans, undermanned South East again heroic but going down fighting at home to Perth, Mitch Creek once more leading the way.

JLA repels Bullets, Breakers back: NBL

In: NBL — Saturday, 27 Jan, 2024

THEIR backs against the wall, New Zealand pulled out a big game to stifle Tasmania but in Brisbane, the Bullets once again showed they are not yet up with the NBL heavweights, following their heavy loss to Perth with another big one to Melbourne in Jo Lual-Acuil's return game. 

Jan 27

Magic night for South East Melbourne, Illawarra: NBL

In: NBL — Friday, 26 Jan, 2024

THERE was a shining bright full moon across Australia last night. Wild brumbies ran thundering across the valleys. Wolves bayed at the night sky. Kings were beheaded, Wildcats tamed. Kids and outlaws hunkered together around Mitch Creek as legends were born. The NBL's annual "upset round" was underway.    

Jan 26

Brad&Boti: Three heads are better than none

In: NBL, WNBL — Thursday, 25 Jan, 2024

THE late Brad Rosen - and I always thought using "late" as an adjective meant you were dead but, eh - and I have come up with a very late (for Round 13 of WNBL and 17 of NBL) Brad&Boti podcast featuring all the regular mumbo-jumbo and some new stuff, although we do discover as a dinosaur, I am not alone.

Jan 25

NBL Rankings, Tips 17: Shades of United's best

In: NBL — Thursday, 25 Jan, 2024

MAKE no mistake, Jo Lual-Acuil is a very important player for Melbourne but the NBL leader's recent slump has a lot more to do with the absence of Shea Ili and concussion protocols. Yes, Matthew Dellavedova works hard defensively but Ili is United's defensive barometer and also the architect behind keeping their offence flowing. 

WNBL Rankings, Tips 13: Round 13 unlucky for some

In: WNBL — Wednesday, 24 Jan, 2024

LOOK-OUT! This is a massive WNBL round for playoff contenders Southside, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Bendigo with most of them opposed and several season-series very much on the line. The fate of every team in the hunt not named Townsville will be determined in Round 13 and most assuredly will be unlucky for some.

Jan 24

NBL TotW 16: Doomsday Doublers on the Surge

In: NBL — Tuesday, 23 Jan, 2024

THIS was arguably the toughest round from which to separate two outstanding performances to determine our NBL Team of the Week. Tasmania also was exceptional in its demolition of Melbourne but both Adelaide and Perth had two matches to negotiate in Round 16 and both came through unscathed.

Jan 23

NBL Rd16 Wrap: Wildcats now right on United's tail

In: NBL — Monday, 22 Jan, 2024

DON'T say you missed some of our NBL match-by-match reviews across Round 16? Well, if you did, here's a chance to sit back, relax and read them all together in our weekly NBL Wrap. Put your feet up and take it easy. We've done all the work compiling it and it's all here for you.

Jan 22

WNBL Team of the Week 12: No fly-by-nighters

In: WNBL — Monday, 22 Jan, 2024

FINALLY, as of the completion of Round 12, every WNBL team has now had at least one appearance as our coveted "Team of the Week" with the last team of our eight competitors in the league and a preseason championship favourite breaking through to make it a rare sweep for the entire competition. Everyone has been a winner.

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