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Brad & Boti: Breaker Breaker good buddy. Squawk!

YES we're rolling again this week, Brad Rosen and I dissecting the NBL's latest developments in our Brad&Boti podcast but without any WNBL to speak of, we revisit the Opals playing for Olympics qualification in Brazil this coming weekend before going in-depth on our men's competition.

There's a lot to unpack too, with Tasmania setting itself apart from the pack chasing post-season participation behind top teams Melbourne and Perth.

Is Illawarra going to be the ultimate Cinderella story by making playoffs - play-ins? - after sacking coach Jacob Jackomas and replacing him with Justin Tatum?

It sure looks that way doesn't it after the Hawks saw off Brisbane's challenge.

Sydney is chasing its tail and as they threaten to get there, the NZ Breakers must be firming as everyone's least favourite team to potentially face in the post-season.

Of course, some of that also hinges on Anthony Lamb, hurt early in the road win at Perth and looking unlikely to make it back in time. It's fingers-and-toes crossed time across the ditch.

The next round will play a big part in determining New Zealand's fate, firstly hosting Illawarra before heading in to Melbourne to challenge United.

A 2-0 success would be huge, 1-1 acceptable, 0-2 and they're cooked.

It was the Little Big Men who shone when it came to our "Player of the Round" selections, Brad additionally with his Rosen Rattler and me with my Nagy Nasty.

There's all this and so much more to keep you up with all that matters - and some that doesn't - and all you need do is hit this link, settle back and enjoy. {Or not, depending on your mood or which club you follow.} 

We're not too proud so you can also find us at Apple Podcasts. It's just we figure this link is faster!


Feb 6

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