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Brad&Boti: Simon Says

BRAD Rosen and I continue our NBL-related interviews for the Brad&Boti Podcast, this week sitting down with South East Melbourne Phoenix head coach and mentor Simon Mitchell.

Yes, we're talking Mitch Creek, Ryan Broekhoff and a holy host of other interesting topics in between, even Kyrie Irving, who he helped bring Down Under eight years ago.

Here's a strong talking point from Simon: Is Chris Anstey overlooked as one of the league's all-time greatest players?

How has Simon gone dealing with the vacuum of Mitch Creek’s absence?

Can Ryan Broekhoff fill the void?

Is recruiting a coach or GM responsibility?

Yanni Wetzel’s great first-year form.

An injury update on the Phoenix.

Balancing minutes restrictions and load management.

 The surprise packet that is Izayah Mauriohooho-Le afa and where the coach believes his team sits in the contending stakes.

Commentary on the ‘home’ NBL Cup advantage.

Kyrie Irving to SEM at the end of his NBA career?

Thoughts on not just Chris Anstey, but also Brett Brown, Adam Gibson and Tai Wesley.

Plus Nagy's Nasty, Rosen's Rattler and all the major NBL news wrapped up in a cute little bundle of joy!

For all this and more, click on this link or alternatively, go to Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Mar 30

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