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FLASHBACK 55: They keep bobbing up

*FLASHBACKS, my irregular "lucky dip" where I just reach into my drawers of old Australian basketball stuff and transcribe whatever I find for you.

OLD pics do keep bobbing up so I will keep posting them for those who like meandering along the nostalgia trail.

YOUNG 'UNS: Brisbane's young Paul Rees battles Adelaide's youthful Mark Bradtke.

SWEET ROSE: Rob Rose is rolling for the 36ers.

JJ: Geelong forward Jason Joynes battles 36ers' Chris Blakemore. Hey! There's Dante Exum's dad.

SA LEAGUE: Woodville's Donnie Gipson posts up Forestville import John Wesley.

SOVIET BLOK: Ray Borner avoids getting blocked against the Soviet Union.

ICE AND RAT: Darryl "Ice Man" Pearce challenges Ronnie "The Rat" Radliff.

JONES & SIMMONS: Billy and Willie post up.

HOME COOKING: Allison Tranquilli (nee Cook) on the attack. (Happy birthday too!)

THE GUN-MAN IS ON THE GRASSY KNOLL: Cannons-36ers games often got fiery.

HOLD THE MAYO! Paul Maley fires over Mike McKay in Game 1 of the 1994 NBL Grand Final.

FLYING BEARCAT: Ken Richardson on song for West against Geelong. And instead of David Spear in the background as usual, this time it's Peter Dawe.

YIKES! IT'S FIKES: Billy Fikes slamming for North against Central Districts.

GUESS WHO? See if you can identify this Hall of Fame player.

YEP. THE BALL IS STUCK IN THE CEILING: Andrej Dolophi, Scott Ninnis, Tony Ronaldson, Alexandr Gutorov, Dean Uthoff and Denis Petenev wait for gravity to take its course.

FAMOUS AGAIN: Ben Simmons' dad Dave looks for a way past Perth.

OUR GOLD MARK: Michele Timms pushing the Opals forward.

LOG-IN FOR TOP PIC: Leroy is leaping!

WHITE MEN CAN JUMP: Scottie Ninnis finds a way through the Tigers' den.

OPPOSITES ATTRACT: Simon Kerle attacks John Rillie off the dribble.

PLAY IT AGAIN SAM? North's Rachael Sporn fires over fellow games-played record-holder Lucille Hamilton.

Aug 16

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