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FLASHBACK 57: A few facials too

*FLASHBACKS, my irregular "lucky dip" where I just reach into my drawers of old Australian basketball stuff and transcribe whatever I find for you.

THERE'S some oldies but goodies in this bunch, including some portraits and player studies.

Hope you enjoy them.

NOT JUST CHRIS: Yes, it's Chris Blakemore but did you pick Corey Williams (33) and Ray Owes?

LIFE OF BRIAN? Yes, that's Goorj, Brian Goorjian, showing his relentless defensive pressure.

THROW IT DOWN OLD SUN: Ricky Jones (Townsville) slams one on Perth's Martin Cattalini.

DARWINNER: Rhonda Bates dominating in Northern Territory before heading south.

CAT FIGHT: Andy Campbell (Bearcats) and Dan Hickert (Wildcats) in the war zone.

OPALS v ALL COMERS: Northern Territory's Peter Dawe battling with Opals Shelley Gorman and Michele Timms.


NO CYNIC AND OLD LACES: Danny Morseu - first indigenous dual-Olympic baller.

HUNGRY LIKE A... Gary Fox (still adjusting to his new lenses)

FRENETIC BLITZ? Saints be praised, it's Julie Tester and Karen Ogden.

YES YOU KEN: Import Ken Edick shortly after lobbing in Adelaide.

PLAYING IT AGAIN SAM: And when you find Ken, you'll usually also find Sam Krupsky.


OLD FACES: Rebound to Brad Dalton but did you pick Donnie Gipson (West Virginia)?

FLYING FREI: Inga Freidenfelds in action for the Boomers against Formosa at the 1956 Olympics.

BLACK IS BACK: Hobart's Debbie Black drives on Michelle Gubbels

OLD DAYS: West's Alan Dawe drives against Budapest's Alf Switajewski and Geza Nagy.

MAN-TO-MANN: Hobart's Peter Mann fires over Sydney Supersonics' Wayne Burden.

EMERY BOARD? No. it's an Emery Atkinson slam!

FLYING PHIL: Phil Smyth soars over Brazil for a fast break basket.

BEARCAT MAYHEM: Westies guard Ray Wood works over Bankstown's Mark Ryan.

VALE DARRYL DAWKINS: Farewell to the late great "Chocolate Thunder" who died of a heart attack yesterday at 58. If you don't know who he was, definitely check out this story and video highlights at:

Aug 29

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