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FLASHBACK 60: More pics of past greats

*FLASHBACKS, my irregular "lucky dip" where I just reach into my drawers of old Australian basketball stuff and transcribe whatever I find for you.

TIME changes us all but been really enjoying looking back at basketball's evolution.

Check out some more looks backwards...

HE COULD DO MAGIC: Chris Anstey slams the ball against the floored Falcons.

MERCURIAL SANDY: Sandy Brondello was dominating Americans long ago!

EXUMINATION: Cecil Exum (Dante's dad) shooting against Hobart.

FOLLOW THE BOUNCING BALL: Phil Smyth and Cuba's Roberto Amaro pursue the ball.

RUCKER PARK? Derek Rucker challenges Brisbane's Luke Gribble for a driving lane.

TIGER FOR LIFE? Michelle Brogan, went from Noarlunga City Tigers to Melbourne Tigers.

BRISBANE'S BRIAN: Last week the Saints, this week, Kerley is talking with his Bullets.

FLIGHT LT42 READY FOR LIFT-OFF: Leon Trimmingham, flying as only he can.

PERTH LYNX MARK I: Melissa McClure (Lynx) pulled up by Sydney's Narelle Lindsay and Trish Fallon

KEYWAY-BOUND: Geelong import Orlando Williams drives on Tonny Jensen.

TAKING THE LANE: Original Suns captain, Graham Kubank, driving on ... Tonny Jensen!!

LEAN ON ME: Emma Randall takes a rest on Eva Afeaki's shoulder. 

KOREAN BARBECUE: Pat Reidy runs out of petrol tickets against Korea.

I'LL GET IT! Swamped by Hawks, Bruce Bolden still grabs this rebound.

THINK THIS IS A DREAM I HAD... Hollie Grima, Laura Hodges, Carly Wilson promoting, um...

LONGLEY THE LONE TIMBERWOLF: This week's Luc Flashback.

DT FOR DN: Dwayne Nelson in a superstar sandwich between Larry Sengstock and Danny Morseu.

SA 1976: Thumped by the Vics in the final, from left, manager Graham Kerr, Andris Blicavs, Werner Linde, Mark Lampshire, David Smyth, Andy Campbell, Alan Hughes, Rick Hodges, Phil Smyth, Laurie Harcus, Lutz Heim, coach Ken Cole.

Sep 19

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