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FLASHBACK 90: The bodysuit years

*FLASHBACKS, my irregular "lucky dip" where I just reach into my drawers of old Australian basketball stuff and transcribe or post whatever I find for you.*

OK, these aren't really the "bodysuit years" of the WNBL.

Yeah, there's a mix, but many of today's flashback pictures are from some of the great and golden days of the league, not JUST bodysuit years.

I need to advise my headline writer. Oh wait, that's me.

Please enjoy...

COOKING WITH AL: Allison Tranquilli going full bore for Bulleen.

ASH SATURDAY: Karen Ashby looking for the outlet pass.

CAPITAL IDEA: Tully Bevilaqua pushes Canberra forward.

HOT MOVE: Natalie Porter (Fire) drives on Michelle Musselwhite (Flames).

LAURA/LARISSA: Lightning's Laura Summerton drives on Larissa Cavanagh.

WILSONNN!!! Carly Wilson heading to the hoop at the Rangers' end.

SLICK VIK: Lightning's Vikki Kelson slips past Michelle Chandler.

FLYING FLEUR: Annie LaFleur has her eyes on the prize.

BUTLER DID IT: Deanne Butler tries to break this double-team.

GLOWING: Desiree Glaubitz looks to go on Kate Simkovic.

BIG EM: Emily McInerny looks to pass over a hustling Sharin Milner.

WORLD'S FINEST: Our greatest female AFL player, Erin Phillips, back in her early Adelaide days.

ON THE CHARGE: Katrina Hibbert heading for the cup.

TOWNSVILLE TYRO: The Fire's Simone Page ready to throw the book at Sydney.

GNARLY MAHONY: Lightning's Jess Mahony passes around Michelle Fletcher.

May 21

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