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FLASHBACK 82: 20 years ago...or so

*FLASHBACKS, my irregular "lucky dip" where I just reach into my drawers of old Australian basketball stuff and transcribe or post whatever I find for you.*

THE NBL had its first peak in the 90s. There's been a few troughs since then but here's some memories worth revisiting.

HAYMAKER: Butch Hays working to evade Leroy Loggins.

MARKED INFLUENCE: Illawarra's Mark Dalton invites Perth's James Crawford to tea.

HIGH FLYER ON LAUNCH PAD: Leon Trimmingham ... meet Mark Davis

LIKIN' LICHTI: Perth's Todd Lichti slams one against Hobart. 

TERMINATOR: Andrew Svaldenis scores despite Derek Rucker's attempt to stop him

   ROSE IN BLOOM: Rob Rose, BEFORE Shane Froling shredded his uniform.

STAR GAZING: Andrew Gaze challenged by Canberra Cannons' super defender, Darnell Mee.

THE ADMIRAL: Um, no. But it IS David Robinson, leading the 36ers to a win over Melbourne.

M&M: Brisbane's Mike Mitchell has front position on Giants swingman Pat Reidy.

   WHEEL'S HOUSE: Brett Wheeler stretches past Newcastle's Craig Adams.

CROC ROCKIN': Brad Davidson with a baseball, um, bounce, er, a pass

REECE'S PIECES: Gold Cost Roller Matt Reece ready to, um, roll...

MACHINATIONS: D-Mac, Darryl McDonald after his winning shot over the 36ers in 1994

MEET TONNY JENSEN: Tonny Jensen fires over Brett Maher

BREAK FAST: Scott Ninnis on the break for the 36ers.

USE THE FAKE: A young Mark Bradtke, before he went to the Dark Side.

ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME: Robert Rose, the phenomenon at SEM Magic

LINDSAY & EDDIE SHOW: Tigers coach Lindsay Gaze, briefed by Eddie Crouch

MEE ON THE MOVE: Darnell Mee puts the jets on Tigers' stalwart Warrick Giddey

RUCKER PARKED: Derek Rucker surveying his options as a Razorback.

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