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FLASHBACK 86: Let's see some pix!

*FLASHBACKS, my irregular "lucky dip" where I just reach into my drawers of old Australian basketball stuff and transcribe or post whatever I find for you.*

HAVE rustled up a few old NBL, Boomers, Opals pics to take you down memory lane, with James Crawford scoring a hat-trick.

Enjoy ...

THAT'S A NO! Brisbane's Andre Moore sends out a shot by Norman Taylor.

ATHENS AGAIN: Opals head coach Jan Stirling flanked by assistants Chris Lucas and Karen Dalton

SAINT BENNIE: Bennie Lewis, a superstar of his era.

BOGEY BORED: A young Boomer, Andrew Bogut.

SIXER SON: Mark Bradtke in his early years, blocking out before grabbing another board.

THAT'S A BLOCK: James Crawford had REAL hops!

JAMES AGAIN: About to send down a trademark slam.

AND THERE IT GOES! James slams it down. Yes. OK. I was a big fan.

QUIET BEFORE THE STORM: Tully Bevilaqua and Lauren Jackson about to check in for Seattle.

ON THE REBOUND: Emily McInerny blocks out Emma Randall.

QUARTER OF A CENTURY AGO: Trish Fallon circa 1992.

SIXERS/CITY CIRCA 1982: A program from before the 36ers were renamed...

CHUCK STILL SCARY: Chuck Harmison the flying Hawk.

DYNASTY BEGINS: Wildcats owner Bob Williams accepts the 1987 Preseason winners cheque.

HALL OF FAMER: Canberra's Herb McEachin challenged by Spectres import Kent Lockhart.

EURO STAR: Our first European NBL import, Rim Kurtinaitis, pre-Townsville days.

W-MAC: Wayne McDaniel soars for Hobart.

MAN-MOUNTAIN: Dean Uthoff grabs a rebound in his pre-Sydney era.

(G)OLDEN DAYS: Paul Maley for the Giants, so long ago it was pre-colour...

Apr 22

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