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FLASHBACK 78: NBL around the corner

FLASHBACKS, my irregular "lucky dip" where I just reach into my drawers of old Australian basketball stuff and transcribe or post whatever I find for you.

THE NBL season is looming, the Australian Basketball Challenge (nee Blitz) in Brisbane on in less than  three weeks.

Seemed like a good time to revisit some of the NBL's past. (No emails please. WNBL is coming too...)

BLAIR PITCH PROJECT: Blair Smith gets a pass away while Brett Wheeler avoids a ball.

SPIN CYCLE: Hawks star Melvin Thomas looks to spin on Mark Davis.

SSH: Dwayne McClain silences the crowd as the Kings win.

BULLETS MEMORIES: Lanard Copeland fires a pass over Brisbane's Simon Kerle.

DISTINGUISHED GENT: Chris Jent fires for the Giants. Yes, it really was 21 years ago.

MAKING HIS OWN MARK: Tigers import Dave Simmons tangles with Mark Davis.

THIS IS FOR KEVIN SUGARS: Robert Rose's uniform comes off second-best from a Croc mauling.

BUTCH & WATTO: Not a breakfast radio show but Butch Hays and Eric Watterson.

OLD STYLE MAGIC: Phil Smyth gets to the hoop.

WHEELIN' & DEALIN': Brett Wheeler fires over the Suns.

DWIGHT SANDWICH: Simon Dwight, sandwiched by Sam Mackinnon and James Harper.

I'VE GOT IT: Andre Moore, right, looks the least likely to secure this one.

THE INCOMPARABLE ONE: Leroy Loggins splits the Perth defence.

SAV, REIDS & KEL: No, not another radio show but Glen Saville, Pat Reidy and Mike Kelly

GOOD TO GO: Andrew Goodwin looks to drive on West Sydney.

MAGIC MUGGING: David Graham, Rupert Sapwell and Sam Mackinnon swamp Robert Rose.

HEAD & SHOULDERS ABOVE: There was James, then there was everyone else.

HEADING FOR THE HOOP: David Van Dyke drives on Rob Sibley.

CROSS KINGS: Dean Uthoff, Mark Dalton...was this the NBL's version of the Bad Boys?

DRMIC IS BACK: This is Frank, 18 years ago. The new season brings us Anthony. Roll on 16-17!

Sep 3

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