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NZ, 36ers move on futures

NEW Zealand Breakers today moved to secure the club's future by re-signing non-coach Dan Shamir and his non-assistant Mody Maor, while the 36ers are bringing Jeff Van Groningen to Adelaide as their basketball general manager.

Van Groningen's role means he will "head up the club's basketball department" and his role will not clash with Sixers chief executive Ben Kavenagh.

Currently seen in a courtside capacity at Bullets NBL games on the league's television coverage, Van Groningen previously was General Manager of the Sydney Kings, Brisbane Bullets and Melbourne Tigers.

He was Bullets GM when current Sixers coach Joey Wright won the club its 2007 NBL championship.

“The passionate nature of the 36ers supporters has always been at an elite level, so to join that instead of having to face it is a tremendous opportunity,” JVG said.

Van Groningen is best known for his key role in pulling off the recruiting coup that brought Andrew Bogut to the Kings last season.

Meanwhile the languishing Sky Sports New Zealand Breakers today announced they picked up the third-year option on Shamir's Director of Basketball contract while also extending the deal for his assistant Maor until the end of 2022.

Shamir replaced redundant coach Kevin Braswell from Israeli club Hapoel Holon in July on a two-year deal with an option for a third.

Breakers owner Matt Walsh officially said extending the contract now is due to his belief in Shamir's coaching.

However we believe Walsh meant: "Extending the contract now is due to Shamir's director of basketballing."

The Breakers currently are eighth with a 4-10 win-loss record.

“By extending these contracts now, we are showing everyone that there will be stability at the Breakers for years to come,” Walsh said. And we hope those words are prophetic.

ABOVE: Jeff Van Groningen. RIGHT: Dan Shamir, backed by Mody Maor.

Dec 17

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