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Grand Final G2, Season reviewed, as we pod on

HAD the pleasure of joining Jovial Joseph Corr and Angst-ridden Andrew Canion for an "NBL Forum" focusing on the Melbourne-Tasmania Grand Finals, the season in review and quite a bit more at the NBL Pocket Podcast. Who were the successes and who were the busts of 2023-24?

Was the NBL deal with Japan all that it could have been?

What deal, you ask?

Then you may have answered that topic and question.

Who is winning Game 2 of the championship and which team will take home the coveted Dr John Raschke Trophy?

There's some neo-Liberalism and various precipitous topics also coming under the microscope.

Don't know what that means? Neither did I so hey, just wing it.

The great Statman and his legacy is revisited, we wonder whether my Brad&Boti podcast co-host Brad Rosen will ever get a chance to assist Brian Goorjian at the Sydney Kings, and there's even some silly stuff!

But if you love your NBL but don't take it a bit too seriously, this may be the pod for you. It was for me.  

It's all available to you right now, simply by clicking this link. Or you can go to a myriad of podcast destinations such as Apple etcetera, if you prefer.


Mar 21

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