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Sixers have been crowing for a while

THE Crows and the 36ers sharing the affections of South Australian sports fans? Yes, it does make sense on certain commercial levels.

But today’s local announcement amounted to little more than the AFL’s Adelaide Crows and the NBL’s Adelaide 36ers being “in talks.”

In truth, it’s actually a lot more involved.

The timing of the leak could have been better, given the Sixers are in Perth preparing for Game 2 of their NBL semi final series with the Wildcats, and staff at Adelaide’s NBL club are preparing for the possibility of rapid turnaround time for a potential deciding Game 3 on Sunday.

Funnily enough, when the smoke cleared today it was the 36ers hosing it down.

The club released the following statement: “In response to the article in today's Advertiser, the Adelaide Basketball Club wishes to clarify, on behalf of its members, sponsors and supporters, that we explore multiple options, on an ongoing basis, to develop and improve both our on and off-court programs.

“Our sole objective is to ensure the long-term success of the club for the benefit of both the South Australian basketball and the broader community.

“Communication is a key priority and as such we will always endeavour to keep all of our stakeholders informed of any new initiatives as and when they arise.”

OK, if you’ve come to the party late, the Advertiser newspaper today revealed there had been dialogue between the Crows and the 36ers (right).

That’s pretty much it.

The implication is there will be some sort of more formal union but if, as was stated, the Crows are seeking “new revenue streams”, owning an NBL club is a license to lose money.

Crows players regularly attend 36ers home games but more recently, club chairman Rob Chapman, CEO Andrew Fagan and former CEO Steven Trigg also have been guests of the club.

Trigg was Crows CEO a decade ago when the clubs first became bedfellows:

This time it looks far more serious, with, I believe, the Crows looking through the 36ers’ financials for ways they could assist, and also considering absorbing the marketing, membership, medical and training staff, which would represent a significant saving.

With the chances of a modern new indoor stadium further reinvigorating Memorial Drive, the 36ers would present the Crows with an opportunity to have a huge say in that new CBD venue, right alongside Adelaide Oval.

Plus if the AFL club was to put its marketing and corporate sales into action, the 36ers then quickly could turn into a profitable concern.

This then definitely WOULD go down the path of the big soccer clubs in Europe, which also field other sporting teams, with their members having access to all of them.

Previously when prominent South Australian businessman Gordon Pickard was involved with the A-League’s Adelaide United, there had been a vision to incorporate the 36ers and relocate them to the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, which is up the street from Hindmarsh Stadium. The idea then was on Sunday game days, shut down Manton Street for a street party and members could watch the A-League soccer, then wander down and catch the NBL game.

That was based on the FC Barcelona model. The Crows-36ers would be unique and a first.


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