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Starling, Lewis toast of the town

WOODVILLE's import forward Alex Starling created history today when he became the club's historic first-ever Woollacott Medallist as the fairest and most brilliant player in the SA State League.

And recently re-signed Adelaide Lightning shooting guard Amy Lewis today took out the female equivalent, the Halls Medal to join Magi Nagy (1966), Mara Asenkamps (1968), Vicky Daldy (1992), Natasha O'Brien (1995), Kristen Veal (1999) and Jess Foley (2011-13) as a Norwood immortal.

Starling's win in a season of turmoil at Woodville, is especially impressive as he also was named MVP on peer voting and was selected in the All Star Five.

The Woollacott (and Halls) is determined by referee votes on a 3,2,1 basis as cast after each match of the regular season.

While Lewis took the Halls, South Adelaide import Janae Howard won the MVP on peer voting, Lewis also surprisingly absent from the All Star Five.

She polled in all 18 of Norwood's regular season games with nine first preferences, four seconds, and five thirds for her 40 votes.

North veteran Jo Hill was next with 34 votes and South's livewire guard Jess Mahony third with 32 votes.

Starling polled 36 votes (eight first preferences and six seconds) to beat Norwood's Matt Lycett on 33 and Central's Kyle Miller on 29.




Halls Medal: Amy Lewis (Norwood)

Merv Harris Medal: Jessica Good (Norwood)

Most Valuable Player: Janae Howard (South Adelaide)

All Star Five: Jessica Mahony (South Adelaide), Natalie Novosel (Sturt), Carmen Reynolds (Woodville), Jo Hill (North Adelaide), Janae Howard (South Adelaide)

Best Defensive Player: Jessica Mahony (South Adelaide)

Coach of the Year: Jeremi Moule (Sturt)

Phil Yuill Memorial Trophy for Referee of the Year: Michelle Dyson

Statistical Award Winners:

Top Scorer: Janae Howard (South Adelaide) 22.2 ppg

Top Field Goal Percentage: Ieva Nagy (South Adelaide) 54.3%

Top 3 Point Percentage: Samantha Defrancesco (Forestville) 34.5%

Top Free Throw Percentage: Carmen Reynolds (Woodville) 86.8%

Top Offensive Rebounder: Ashleigh Spencer (South Adelaide) 3.9 orpg

Top Defensive Rebounder: Emma Hooley (Eastern) 10.4 drpg

Top Rebounder: Emma Hooley (Eastern) 13.9 rpg

Top Assists: Jessica Mahony (South Adelaide) 9.0 apg

Top Steals: Jessica Mahony (South Adelaide) 3.2 spg

Top Shot Blocker: Hannah Richards (Sturt) 2.8 bpg



CENTRAL DISTRICTS LIONS: Brianna Wedding 6, Demi Skinner 3, Coby Rodda 1, Aimee Herriman 1.

EASTERN MAVERICKS: Emma Hooley 21, Shannon Tarran 11, Amanda MacDermot 6, Samantha Lubcke 3, Georgia Green 1 

FORESTVILLE EAGLES: Jess Fergus 13, Jade Johnson 13, Samantha Defrancesco 12, Carla Borrego Williams 12, Tara Robinson 6, Sarah Petrie 3, Megan Kermond 1 

NORTH ADELAIDE ROCKETS: Jo Hill 34, Jamie-Lee Peris 14, Lauren Badenoch 8, Jess Smart 6, Shannon McKay 4, Kirsty Williams 4

NORWOOD FLAMES: Amy Lewis 40, Jessica Good 19, Jessica Foley 18, Kelsey Ireland 3, Jordan Walker-Roberts 1,  Elizabeth Keane 1 

SOUTH ADELAIDE PANTHERS: Jessica Mahony 32, Janae Howard 25, Ashleigh Spencer 5, Madeline Cunningham 3, Danielle Greaves 3, Teresa Kinross 1, Karen Rokicinski 1

SOUTHERN TIGERS: Shayde Quintrell 11 Lauren Fisher 6 Kelsie Rutland 5 Jade Barber 4 Denelle Fawcett 3

STURT SABRES: Natalie Novosel 30 Hannah Richards 17 Lucy Spalding 16 Angela Marino 4 Caroline Burgess 3 Jessica McPhail 2 Kara Hargreaves 1 Tamara Brine 1

WEST ADELAIDE BEARCATS: Anna Carbo 22 Kate Shierlaw 14 Sky Langenbrinck 6 Alana Nairn 3 Megan McLeod 3 Michaela Lappin 3 Stana Zecevic 1

WOODVILLE WARRIORS: Carmen Reynolds 31 Katherine Perkas 11 Ashleigh White 4 Kimberley Porplycia 3 Deanna Troia 1



Woollacott Medal: Alexander Starling (Woodville)

Frank Angove Medal: Samuel McDaniel (Southern)

Most Valuable Player: Alexander Starling (Woodville)

All Star Five: Kyle Miller (Central Districts), Jake Rios (Forestville), Matthew Lycett (Norwood), Alexander Starling (Woodville), Blake Truslove (West Adelaide)

Best Defensive Player: Todd Matthews (Norwood)

Coach of the Year: David Cooper (Norwood)

Phil Yuill Memorial Trophy for Referee of the Year: Vanessa Devlin, Nathan Wieland

Statistical Award Winners

Top Scorer: Jake Rios (Forestville) 24.9 ppg

Top Field Goal Percentage: Matthew Williams (Southern) 61.4%

Top 3 Point Percentage: Matthew Atkins (Central Districts) 40.9%

Top Free Throw Percentage: Jake Rios (Forestville) 82.4%

Top Offensive Rebounder: Blake Truslove (West Adelaide) 4.1 orpg

Top Defensive Rebounder: Blake Truslove (West Adelaide) 8.2 drpg

Top Rebounder: Blake Truslove (West Adelaide) 12.4 rpg

Top Assists: Kyle Miller (Central Districts) 6.3 apg

Top Steals: Todd Matthews (Norwood) 2.9 spg

Top Shot Blocker: Bradley Reid (South Adelaide) 2.6 bpg



CENTRAL DISTRICTS LIONS: Kyle Miller 29, Christopher Clausen 19, Daniel Carlin 8, Matthew Atkins 7, Jordan Centernera 3, Kyle Williams 1

EASTERN MAVERICKS: Curtis Scipio 12, Dylan Shorne 8, Will Smith 2, Haydn Barns 1, Daniel Lean 1, Darcy Aistrope 1, Isaac Nyembo 1, Thomas Giles 1

FORESTVILLE EAGLES: Jake Rios 27, Trent Fildes 17, Brad Gerlach 10, Neil Mottram 5, Bradley Haydon 3, Kane Oakley 1, Adam Gibson 1

NORTH ADELAIDE ROCKETS: Pero Vasiljevic 11, Luke Mapunda 10, Daniel Goodluck 8, John Wernham 2, Thomas Rowe 2, Brett Collins 2

NORWOOD FLAMES: Matthew Lycett 33, Todd Matthews 11, Keith Krause 8, Andrew Webber 6, Matthew Long 5, Daniel Webber 4, Ian O'Boyle 1

SOUTH ADELAIDE PANTHERS: Bradley Reid 21, Shane Boal 9, Jordan Robertson 8, Thomas McKenzie 6, Cameron Myles 1

SOUTHERN TIGERS: Codey Ellison 14, Samuel McDaniel 9, Samuel Johns 7, Timothy Smyth 3, Hamish Staude 2, Matthew Williams 1, Michael Florance 1

STURT SABRES: Tim Klaosen 27, Dexter Moore 18, Jordan Heading 7, Dylan Rawson 3, Mark Bauer 2, Hamish Burns 1

WEST ADELAIDE BEARCATS: Blake Truslove 22, Jason Dawson 18, Tristan Braithwaite 7, Anthony Spadavecchia 7, Kurtis Phillips 7, Daniel Johnson 3, Daniel Phillips 2

WOODVILLE WARRIORS: Alexander Starling 36, Darren Ng 16, Cameron Wilson 8, Daniel Sims 5, Luke Stanbridge 4, Ryan Clark 2, Claybrin McMath 2


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Aug 24

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