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Temporarily Out of Order? No longer!

WE’RE back! Well, I’m back. Poor old contributor BOB CRAVEN has been writing his fingertips off without any of it seeing daylight for two months. But that’s kinda cause I wasn’t seeing daylight there for a while.

A little unforeseen emergency battle with a blood clot – not an orphan either – followed by one of my legs giving up the ghost and requiring an urgent knee replacement left me preoccupied first with staying alive and then re-learning how to walk.

I know. Pretty pathetic really. What can I say?  I slump ashamed.

Ruined a few people’s Christmas and New Year’s too but fortunately, it was only family and they copped a bout of gastro to boot. Reasonably confident I wasn't responsible for that.

So much has happened in our basketball world which I could only watch, sometimes with awe and amazement, other times with despair and frustration.

(How's Lauren Jackson's luck, for example?)

But we’ve awoken the mice, they are pedalling furiously, and we should be churning out pertinent material in the upcoming days, weeks and months.

There's a Brad&Boti podcast (or two) in the can and available now, and Joey Wright and I are back with Time-Out via Piranha Media’s Facebook page.

I’ve found a way to climb the stairs to my workspace and to abseil back down so there’s no more excuses. (OK, I’m not abseiling but bumping my way down on my bum the way my kids used to – it’s definitely amusing.)

Thanks for coming back to check in and for those of you who reached out via email, DM, SMS and other social systems – you know who you are – my humblest appreciation for caring enough to do so. It meant a lot.

OK. Back to work!

Feb 15

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